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Indigo Textiles is Export has emerged as a reputed Home Textiles, Furnishing Textiles and Made ups exporters for major clients in US and Europe. Our Product range is of artistry in Weaving, Printing, Embroidery, Value added embellishments and crafted sewing techniques.

The Company expanded into Home Textile Made ups manufacturing and exporting and is well established in both trades.Complete Range of Home textiles are manufactured in our factory.


Type of weavings are in plain casement, meaty, seer sucker, twill, heavy dobby, jacquard, embroidery in various styles, patch works & etc… Raw materials purchased from the reputed spinning mills . Dyeing works are carried out from our own units both are hang and cheese form by machine. Weavings are done by our experienced master weavers. our own loom can make the maximum fabric width of 320 cms .and the stitching will be finished by imported machines as per your measurement short .checking and packing will be done according to your instruction by our quality control inspectors and supervisors.
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It has always been our endeavour to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, quality and ethics. We believe in offering quality products that match and excel other competitive products in terms of quality, price and value.