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QUALITY Maintenance

Raw materials purchased from the reputed spinning mills . Dyeing works are carried out from our own units both are hang and cheese form by machine. Weavings are done by our experienced master weavers. our own loom can make the maximum fabric width of 320 cms .and the stitching will be finished by imported machines as per your measurement short .checking and packing will be done according to your instruction by our quality control inspectors and supervisors.


Quality begins on the inside... and then works its way out We have a policy of sourcing raw materials from Centers of Excellence and from Core Suppliers within those Centers of Excellence with whom we have a working relationship of more than 15 years. We adhere to strict quality standards right from the stage of procuring raw materials to the weaving of fabric till the application of a finishing technique




Our production process in Indigo Textiles is carefully monitored by Quality Checks at every level. Special attention is laid on every stage of the manufacturing process viz., procurement of raw materials, designing, dyeing, weaving, printing, stitching, embellishments, finishing and packaging. In addition, the final products are also subjected to many quality assurance tests like tests for shrinkage, color fast/light fast etc., before packaging

We are the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of designer fabrics and home furnishings such as cUSHION TEXTILES, TABLE TEXTILES, KITCHEN TEXTILES, WINDOW TEXTILES, BABY TOWELS AND OTHER PRODUCT LIKE CHINDHI TEXTILES AND DOG BEDS.

It has always been our endeavour to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, quality and ethics. We believe in offering quality products that match and excel other competitive products in terms of quality, price and value. Our corporate relationships and associations testify to the fact that we encourage long term relationships with all suppliers and clients. We not only manufacture the best quality products but also take care to follow international guidelines and business standards suggested by demanding clients round the world.


We adhere to the following standards & guidelines :

Quality Assurance Systems
Product Performance Standards
Safety and Health Standards
Professional Ethics
Supplier Code Of Conduct